What is SCD?
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What is SCD?

What ist SCD ? SCD is FUN

Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) comes, as the name says, from scotland.

But not only there, all over the world and also in Germany there are a lot of groups sharing this hobby.
Everybody who remembers the Scottish wedding in "Four weddings and a funeral" has at least an impression of the look of it.

In Country Dancing you dance with different partners and in groups, so you don't have to bring along your own partner.
Highland Dancing on the other hand is more a solo-dance. You can see it at the Highland-gamblings.

Normally you need a soft-sole shoe for dancing. At the beginning gym-shoes are good enough, but most men prefer to wear special shoes called Ghillies(as you can see in our Logo). Ladys prefer pumps, you can see them in Ballett too, with a full or a half sole, or they wear Ghillies too. In very conservative areas that isn't looked well upon.....


Ladys normally wear a wide skirt or a dress, gentlemen a kilt (the typical Scottish men-skirt).
On special occassions (eg. on demonstrations) the ladies dress is white and she wears a so called sash to go with it.(Its sort of a long scarf)
The pattern of Sash and Kilt is in the family tartan. Zeuners in St.Andrews
(Pstt... all the poor people without Scottish family and family tartan just take the tartan tey think is nicest...here in Germany)

During the lessons everybody is allowed to wear whatever he likes and can dance in.....
Locally there can be some restrictions.


The most important:
SCD is real fun.

A description from Anselm Lingnau



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