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The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) is the leading organisation for all SCDancers.

Logo der RSCDS LOGO der RSCDS zum 75.This is the sign of the RSCDS. If you take a closer look, you can see that the crown is made of dancing shoes (4 Ghillies, toe to bottom..)


It was founded in 1923 by the legendary Miss Milligan and Mrs Stewart of Fasnacloichto collect and publish dances and music and to preserve and improve the standard of dancing.
It hasbeen "Royal" since 1951.

The yearly summer school in St Andrews isn't only a highlight in itself, it is the meeting place for experienced dancers and teachers to discuss questions about technique, dances etc. The RSCDS is sort of authority in these questions and defines the standard. Wether you go along with this is your very own thing.

The RSCDS is divided into the Headquarters in Edinburgh, different Branches and Affiliated Groups.

The Branches are a sort of organisations of their own for the different groups in an area (e.g. Edinburgh Branch, Chicago Branch,....),
the Affiliated Groups are groups which do not belong to a Branch, but belong to the RSCDS (like in Cologne. There is no branch around here).

Music, description of dances and other material you can get from Headquarters.

The Secretary
The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
12 Coates Crescent, EdinburghEH3 7AF
Tel.: +131 225 3854
Fax: +131 225 7783


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